By logging on Pen Island Server you automatically are subject to the rules listed below.
Breaking any of these rules may receive a ban, length of time is at admins discretion
Pen Island Rust Server is a privately owned Server and the owner has the right to deny access to anyone!


Any directed threats beyond Rust gameplay will result in a permanent ban.
Any threats directed at Server will result in a permanent ban.
Anyone attempting to redirect players off the server will result in a permanent ban.
Disrespecting server owner or server staff will result in a permanent ban.

Anyone repeatedly joining server just to trash talk about server or its players then disconnecting, maybe temporarily banned. If you don’t like San Jose Pen Island and its community then maybe you should look elsewhere to play.

There are many wonderful, nice, kind, respectful players in our community on Pen Island.

Be warned! If I find you are causing a problem beyond these rules, I will take appropriate actions.