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  • Rust skins monthly giveaway.

Ten Winners will be then randomly selected and sent an Invitation request from Pen Island to receive gifted Rust skins.

  • Submit Pen Island Screenshots for a chance to win new Rust skins. 


Winners have 30 days to claim prizes once announced on 

Prizes will vary from gaming laptop, GPUs, PC speakers, gaming mice, gaming keyboards, gaming headphones, mouse pads, other gaming relate content, and usb devices. Winners must be present on Pen Island servers to receive details on how to win and claim prizes.

Server is using

Check out FAQ at bottom of page


The Answers You Need

How are winners selected for the screenshot of the month?

Each month a winner will be selected based on relevance to Pen Island.

Unedited in game screenshots only.

Players can submit as many screenshots as they like. 

To submit screenshots you must join the Discord channel at the top of the page.

Are prizes new or used?

All prizes are new and will be shipped via

How to claim prize?

Winners will be contacted via in-game, on discord, or by email.
If you have found a hidden stash in game please follow the instructions listed on the note inside the hidden stash.

Can you win more than one prize?

No limitations on the number of times you can win.

Who can win?

Anyone playing on a Pen Island Server can win. Hidden stashes can only be found on Pen Island San Jose.

Contact Pen Island / Redeem Code

Please include player alias or player steam id to confirm identity.

Your details were sent successfully!